RLV Tranquilizer Gun Pro

RLV Tranquilizer Gun ProRLV Tranquilizer Gun Pro -- Restrained Love compatible Role Playing Device

It looks like it means business, even threatening, and once they get a taste of what it can do, your victims will certainly be impressed!

Used and operated in a fashion similar to most guns in SL, the bullets used by this one are designed to merely incapacitate its target for a short time (between 30 and 300 seconds, selectable by the owner through a menu activated upon touching the gun -- obviously only shots fired after a change will reflect the new setting).

A victim using a recent version of a Restrained Love compatible viewer and an active relay hit by the bullet will pass out, experiencing the tell-tale signs of being drugged first hand while they stumble and try to remain conscious, only to lose the battle eventually. Once unconscious, they are literally oblivious to their surroundings, giving you plenty of options to do with them whatever you please, including moving them to a more suitable place within the same region.